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GEX Reconditioned VW Oil Coolers: When installing a rebuilt engine we recommend that the oil cooler be replaced at the same time to prevent contamination and debris from getting into the new engine. Aircooled Volkswagen Videos. One common place for oil leaks is the o-ring between the oil cooler and oil cooler flange. 5" bolt (3) 1/4 VW BOLT-ON OIL COOLER FAN KIT. Oil cooler washer. Oil Cooler Kits & Hardware Buying the correct oil cooler for your application is only the first step. We do not sell remote mount oil coolers or any aftermarket fan housings. After you do this, however, keeping the engine clean and staying on top of the leak situation will be much easier, and you will be rewarded with a cooler running engine that you won’t have to add a quart to once a week. (Not too hot or it may be uncomfortable to work on some of it) You may wish to consider driving the front wheels up on ramps for better ground clearance while working on the transmission oil pan, but you'll need to have it level for checking the fluid level. f. Fan Installation Kit $ 80. . 2A. , Centerburg, Ohio 43011 | T: +1 740 625 6228 | F: +1 740 625 6268 Not uncommon with non-VW mechanics, they tend to not check for the oil cooler situation. ENGINE OIL COOLER KIT. Place the RETURN OIL LINE from the external oil cooler kit into the bucket. News & Tips Mounting an external oil cooler on an early bus. To tow more weight a more robust vehicle is needed. After installing a Truss Bar I don't have any more room to mount it. 421. Note; you do not need to remove the front of the vehicle to perform this work but if you would like to please see our article on lock carrier removal. Ships from Jim Ellis This protects the filter, cooler, and galleries from surge blasts of over pressure when cold, yet maintains more than enough oil pressure when hot. They're made of lightweight aluminum, with an efficient "stacked plate" design. Bad for engine life, especially if you usually don’t drive for more than a half hour or so. Main battery cover off. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Oil cooler. 8 L gasoline engine with fuel injection. Our inventory includes VW Bugpack Oil System Components, EMPI VW Oil System Components, Oil Breathers, Filters, and Dipsticks, Oil Cooler Seals, Oil Pumps, Strainers, Gaskets and Sumps. Sold with the fan not installed, as shown. The oil cooler gives the oil a place to go to keep it in check in situations like this. We have been doing upgrades and rebuilds on R154 and other Toyota transmissions for a long time, and one thing we have noticed is that the elevated horsepower level people are running these days creates a lot of heat in the transmission, which leads to excessive wear, and can even cause major failures. Installation is, more often, where problems can occur. 99 from . We specialize in: performance parts, replacement parts, OEM parts, tools, kits and more. These parts are all aluminum, so no rust. If you are getting ready to spend money on the repairs associated with having different seals, gaskets, and hoses replaced, please read this page addressing VW Passat oil leaks. Derale Performance, Los Angeles, CA. Engine Oil Cooler Seal. This article shows you how to replace the o-ring and remove the oil cooler on a mk4 TDI. Fan Hub O-ring, Type 4 Engines, 021-119-125A And an external cooler makes the oil take a long time to warm up. Air Cooled VW Standard Beetle Oil Filters - Filter 2018 VW GTI Sweepstakes; Allows for clean installation of an external oil cooler Secures the oil cooler to the filter housing assembly . Cooler To Adapter. Shop with confidence. Clayton St. 2. This particular oil cooling setup (like most on the market) is composed of three basic parts: the “sandwich plate” that allows for the use of a thermostat or oil pressure sensor and the oil cooler unit. Stock VW Late Model Oil Cooler This Stock VW Late Model Oil Cooler features 6 banks of cooling fins and is 2. This is partly because the fan that fits the genuine VW dog housings is wider and supplies far more air. Next comes running the lines to the cooler from the motor. Note: The normally aspirated AeroVee 80hp engine may optionally be configured for a remote oil cooler. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Part included with oil cooler. Partsgeek offers replacements for the Jetta, Beetle, Passat, Golf, Vanagon, Super Beetle plus more. Installing Sonnax remote transmission cooler adapter kit 119814-01K enables elimination of the OE cooler in favor of commonly available aftermarket oil-to-air cooler kits. To 05/31/2011. We've found that this setup works better with the existing oil cooler hoses Installation Kits We manufacture components to enable all types of oil coolers to be fitted on any kind of vehicle. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Sandwich Adapter Installation Sandwich Adapter Oil Filter Hose Adapter Fitting Oil Cooler Hose O-ring Large O-ring (some GM only) Adapter Plate (some GM only) Mounting Nut FIGURE 3 INSTALLING AS AN ENGINE OIL COOLER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for 4590_ and 4595_ Oil coolers Model 4595_ QTY GatorClip mounting clamp (9) 1/4-20 x 2. Ships from Jim Ellis Volkswagen, Atlanta GA ProLine STD Oil Cooler Drawing ProLine STD Multi-pass Oil Cooler Drawing sūsa, llc. Engine Oil Filter Housing Cover O - Ring. Kits include a bypass adapter, remote filter bracket, hoses and all fittings. 5" bolt (3) 1/4 Audi VW Engine Oil Cooler Seal Installation Info meaning you'll know exactly where your Engine Oil Cooler Seal is at every step of the shipping process Replacement oil cooler coolant lines. Airhead VW Parts features thousands of vintage Volkswagen parts for VW Bugs, Buses, Karmann Ghias, and Vanagons, like this Oil Cooler seals Late Style. Union nut oil seal. This car has air conditioning, an automatic transmission, and an 8V, 1. Adding to the confusion is the sorry state of what comes in the typical cooler install kit; most are a length of generic rubber hose VW & Audi Oil Cooler Heat Exchangers. Hood open, nothing removed . com. Would this cause too much of a drop or raise in oil pressure and temp from restricted oil flow thru the cooler / bypass oil filter. High-flow tornado fan supplies air for the large-capacity, tube-and-fin heat exchanger. Every test was better by at least 30 degrees F. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. Even with optimal driving conditions, increased oil temperatures will cause a drop in pressure and will decrease the ability for your engine to be properly lubricated. It has not had an oil cooler since I purchased it early last year, and I am trying to find some good instructions for the installation VW Bug Oil Cooler 1200cc-1600cc VW Bug Beetle to-1970. Genuine Volkswagen Part # 079103121AD. How To VW Jetta Oil Change Video Details. Most users know this, but I feel it needed to be stated anyway. The remote oil cooler is specified in the AeroVee Engine Manual by vendor and part number, but is not sold by AeroConversions. Transmission Cooler Installation . Allows for direct air cooling of ATF Chirco offers a wide selection of VW Bug Parts for classic Volkswagens, VW Beetles and VW Bajas. MOUNTING THE EXTERNAL OIL COOLER. An upgrade to our Oil Cooler upgrade. External Oil Cooler Rubber Mounting Damper Kit, Pack/4, Porsche Style Oil Breather . We start with original German coolers, these have been chemically pressure flushed to ensure that they are totally clean, then pressure tested. The VW oil cooler is bolted to the crankcase inside the fan housing. 0T Oil Cooler - Adapter Plate Allows for clean installation of an external oil cooler Reuse of the OE cooler after rebuild can result in debris contamination and high operating temperatures due to reduced oil flow. New stock engine oil coolers and stands for air cooled for VW Volkswagen Bug and Performance 8 and 6 pass oil cooler kits with threaded or 1/2 inch hose  Nov 20, 2006 Yes, a late-model dog-house style oil cooler can be retro-fitted to the early-model I always install new foam rubber gaskets on the oil cooler. Engines with Doghouse Oil Coolers need a total of 4 seals for these 2 locations. 1970 VW (owned since 1972) and 1971 VW Convertible (owned since 1976), second owner of each. Classic Volkswagen Videos. Free shipping on orders over $99 with 100% satisfaction. An oil cooler kit is a must for any car with a high performance engine. It's a complete ready to install package, using a clever sandwich plate design for straightforward and reliable installation. Installation of an Oil Cooler The best placement for static, ram-air engine oil cooler (non-electric fan-equipped style) is in a location exposed to a maximum amount of airflow, allowing the Airflow Systems specializes in high-efficiency aircraft and motorsports oil coolers. Jan 24, 2018 Oil Cooler is a small device placed in the radiator design of the vehicle. One interesting note was that when I installed the 1971 system in my 1967 VW, I had  We offer VW Oil Systems for your VW car, including VW Bugpack oil system components, EMPI oil system components, and oil pumps & coolers. The thing is, the weak spot in a VW engine is the heads – the valves. products start from as little as $94. The cooler itself is a Mocal 25 row, 235mm cooler. Once you’re sure this is where you want it, scribe the holes. Leaves original oil cooler in place. Oil Cooler (A3)(B4)(A4 ALH) About Us IDParts. Liter, engine, oil. This article shows you how to replace the o-ring and remove the oil cooler on a mk3 TDI. Standard and performance Oil Coolers, Mounting adaptors, External Oil Cooler Kits, Block-offs, Bypass adaptors and Bypass Thermostats. Airhead VW Parts features thousands of vintage Volkswagen parts for VW Bugs, Buses, Karmann Ghias, and Vanagons, like this Oil Cooler. These oil coolers have a long-standing reputation for efficiency and durability and are widely specified by aircraft manufacturers around the world. To save our customers time and trouble we are able to supply a complete installation kit for fitting Mocal coolers to production cars. Buy TOPAZ 096409061G 4-Speed Transmission Oil Cooler for Volkswagen Beetle Golf Jetta: Engine Oil Coolers & Kits - Amazon. Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW OIL SYSTEMS OIL COOLER KITS. derale. 1. After the completed installation of the external oil cooler kit, do not connect the oil hose to the TWO Hose Barb Fittings on the ENGINES OIL PUMP COVER. Engine Oil Cooler Gasket. Type I VW oil cooler for Top Mount installation on the AeroVee or AeroVee Turbo Engine. Rob and Dave's aircooled Volkswagen pages. | 24 S. It is even superior to the one that is made and imported from VW of Brazil that uses the smaller early steel oil cooler rather than the bigger aluminum cooler we normally see in the USA. Hold cooler up and mark the holes in black sharpie. Holes should look like figure 2A. Skip to main content. Guaranteed lowest price! In earlier versions, the Volkswagen Beetle oil cooler was attached to the engine crankcase, within the fan housing. It is attached to the oil cooler housing or base and in behind all the hoses and wiring you see here (red arrow). To operate properly, we must properly install the cooler. With the front of the vehicle removed you can see the components that you will need to remove to get access to the oil cooler. 0 TSI car running high power levels or in hot climates. for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. As you can see, there are many areas to look for when eliminating oil leaks on a VW engine. no more using sheet metal screws to hold you oil cooler to the bottom of the partial tray no more trying to get enough air through the cooler to try and keep that performance engine cool, with our all new coolrydes customs "under the fender" or u. Fellas, Being frugal like I am I am trying to find the correct part for my car at the lowest price possible and have a question regarding part numbers. Mar 3, 2013 I was wanting to install an oil cooler on my 90ish cabby (VW didn't think we needed one) and well we have two choices. Genuine Volkswagen Part # 3C0317037B - Oil cooler. vw oil cooler kit vw bug oil cooler vw beetle oil cooler. 95 VW Insta-Heat Installation Guide and Owner’s Manual Now is a good time to also fix any oil leaks which lead to the dirty engine in the first place. So the heat source is the headThink of this – if you add an extra quart of oil to a VW engine it will actually run hotter when driving at slow A transmission cooler cannot make up for a deficient design. Find great deals on eBay for vw oil cooler. Featuring our own X-Series Oil Coolers, 2002X, 2004X, 2006X, 2007X, 2008X. and a higher-capacity (wider) cooling fan was installed. Like a radiator, the oil cooler stood in the air stream coming in on the fin side, thereby dissipating some of the heat of the oil being pumped through. Video Demonstrated using 2010 VW Jetta Wagon 2. When it comes to your Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Fits Passat, Passat CC. Our much-anticipated Oil Cooler Kit is an essential fit for any hard-driven MQB 2. We also offer state of the art aircraft air-conditioning systems. 6 Most oil cooler kits cost $250 or more, but the guys at Poor Man Mods show you how to make your own oil cooler for only $60! Oil coolers are great security for longer lasting and better performing engines, especially high-performance engines and in warmer climates. not 68autobug VW Guru 2,108 posts. Find our best fitting engine oil coolers for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Aircraft Oil Coolers NDM (NTP) Certified Oil Cooler Airflow Systems maintains one of the largest inventories of NDM/NTP oil coolers for certified aircraft. The best place to install an Oil Cooler is where it can receive a maximum amount of airflow, there by making the cooler as efficient as it can be. It requires the special stock VW oil filler nut and seal to install it, and it's a  Buying the correct oil cooler for your application is only the first step. Adding power to these TSI engines generates more heat to disperse. oil cooler mk4 - not finished. Stock VW Late Model Oil Cooler #0173 $79. Includes: 96 plate oil cooler, 9" fan, hose, thermostat, pump cover, oil filter bracket, oil return JEGS carries the industry's largest selection of oil coolers. 2018 VW GTI Sweepstakes; Allows for clean installation of an external oil cooler Brand: ES#: Connects the oil cooler to the hard water pipe Oil coolers: Oil cooler installation kits: Oil cooler take offs: Remote filter heads: Oilstats: Threaded adapters: Oil pumps: Fuel sampling kits: Tanks and pots: Gauge adapters and warning systems: Hoses and hose assemblies: Spin off filter adapters One of the components that are part of the oil cooling system is the oil cooler adapter. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. As the name suggests, its function is to cool down the temperature of oil  so, My Son had bought Me a new doghouse oil cooler a few months ago and has been time He sees Me whether I have installed the oil cooler yet and I've finally done it as usual. Normal oil pressure is approximately 10psi per 1000RPM (give or take, depends upon temperature and viscosity of course). Competition oil cooler & fan kit. I was wondering if anyone had tried to install a bypass filter at the bottom of the oil cooler like the older 1. oil switch comes up sometimes on vw 1. Oil takes a long time to warm up and the faster an engine warms up, the longer it lasts. This kit consists of. All the parts required to add a full flow oil system to your engine, without machining. The same cooler is used on the mk3 and mk4 TDI (and many other VW and Audi) and the procedure is very similar. Loading 15-3/4" Wide x 11-1/2" tall x 5" deep, remote cooler assembly has 2 circuits to cool your transmission fluid and engine oil simultaneously. And a lot of what you hear from backyard mechanics is rumor and myth. Include description. Keep your oil cool with the Mishimoto universal oil cooler kit. Proper installation is even more important than the auxiliary cooler itself. classic vw - vw engine parts > oil coolers / breather / kits - oil cooler kits c31-115-353-038csp - csp oil cooler fan thermostat with 3/8 npt threaded ports JBugs carries all EMPI VW Oil, Transmission Coolers, and Fans. Why install an external cooler kit? • Eliminate a failure-prone part of your Eurovan cooling system: The OE ATF/coolant cooler is replaced with an ATF/air cooler • No more danger of your ATF and coolant mixing (the OE cooler uses the engine coolant to cool the ATF, when it fails, fluids mix, and the transaxle is ruined) 2018 VW GTI Sweepstakes; Volkswagen Passat B6 FWD 2. 0 TDI 4 Cylinder 16 Valve Engine Although the video and pictures show a 2010 VW Jetta, the oil change steps and procedures also apply to the following models: Shown with the 570 max cfm* fan mounted to the cooler, but it will NOT come to you that way. This makes the engine both directly air cooled, and also oil cooled, and a LOT of heat is removed via the oil cooler. Your Dunebuggy or VW Beetle will be up and running fast when you get your parts from AppletreeAutomotive. ” Canton’s Oil Cooling System. E. Within the adapter is a gasket or rubber o-ring. 3. , Engine, How-to and Do-it-yourself VW Videos for Bug, Beetle, Karman Ghia, Bus, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. p Includes oil bypass adapter for stock oil cooler, 8-pass oil cooler, spin-on remote oil filter bracket, high-pressure oil hose, fitting, clamps and illustrated installation instructions; Choice of coolers with slip-on ends for street applications or with -8AN fitting for high-performance uses After removing that stock oil cooler and adding the external cooler, their lifetime was greatly extended, and my theory is from less heat here. Gasket For Oil Cooler. If the oil cooler adapter fails externally, engine oil may be forced out of the engine. Locate the floor beams between the main frame and the outside rocker. Buy OIL COOLER, 1971-ON, dune buggy vw baja bug by Empi: Engine Oil Coolers & Kits - Amazon. A complete full flow oil cooler system with fan and filter without removing the engine. It's extremely unlikely that the spring(s) could weaken enough to be the cause of noticeable low oil pressure. of oil into a bucket, connect the ELECTRJC PRIMER OIL PUMP to the oil hose feed line going to the oil filter. oil breather filter 50, 70, 72, 73, 499 oil cap 69, 70, 72 oil change gasket kit 69 oil cooler block off 63, 64 oil coolers & fan kits 60-64 oil dipstick 8 oil dipstick adapter 8 oil filler & cap 70-73 oil filler breather 70-73, 499 oil filler nut 72-75 oil filler nut tools 506 oil filter adapters 59, 63-65 oil filter mounts 59, 63-65 These are 10mm x 10mm seals that go between the VW Doghouse Oil Cooler and Adapter, AND the Doghouse Oil Cooler Adapter and the VW Engine Case. Transmission Fluid Change Procedure. cooler kit you wont have to worrie about all of these previous issues. If the stock oil cooler is used, it will block air to one of the rear cylinders. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. It may just be loose. This is especially true because not everyone is well versed at how to purchase the plumbing components to accomplish the task. I was wondering if it could be mounted all the way forward by the front beam. | Top quality spares  When the VW engine was designed, and throughout successive revamping, the There are a lot of traps for the unwary in installing an oil cooler kit, due to the  We now offer X-Series oil coolers in sizes appropriate for everything from low and slow VW powered aircraft to homebuilt Reno racers. The cooler kit uses a thermostatic mocal sandwich plate which stops oil cooling when the engine is cold. Sandwich Adapter Installation Sandwich Adapter Oil Filter Hose Adapter Fitting Oil Cooler Hose O-ring Large O-ring (some GM only) Adapter Plate (some GM only) Mounting Nut FIGURE 3 INSTALLING AS AN ENGINE OIL COOLER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for 4590_ and 4595_ Oil coolers Model 4595_ QTY GatorClip mounting clamp (9) 1/4-20 x 2. I'd hate to starve my new motor. Installation of an Oil Cooler . 00 each The oil pressure control plunger(s) limit maximum pressure to around 65psi to protect the cooler from overpressure. ACV-P01-111 (Replaces ACV-P01-106) Oil Cooler Top Mount Plate allows for mounting a standard VW oil cooler to the top of the AeroVee Engine while  Racingline VWR Oil Cooler Kit For VW & Audi MQB Platform Racingline VWR Oil Cooler Kit - VWR18G700 - MK7 Oil Cooling - Filter Housing - Installed. Bolt-On Cooler Fan Kit w/Filter, 96 Plate Oil Cooler and 9" Fan is designed for you to add an oil cooler and full-flow filter to your engine without machining! Kit includes cooler and fan, fan switch, oil return adapter, full flow pump cover & plug, and the oil filter adapter and hose. Works with Stock Oil Cooler Adapter Plate, to mount on top of the engine. ACVW Standard Beetle Oil Filters - Filter Adapters From Mid America Motorworks. 52. Introduction. Your car's engine produces high heat and counts on the Volkswagen Oil Cooler to reduce the damaging heat contained in the transmission fluid. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. The best part is, our Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Engine Oil Cooler - O. Brazil Built Vehicle. Air Cooled VW Standard Beetle Oil Coolers, Seals & Kits 1965-1979 Oil Cooler Mount, Doghouse Type Or Adapter For Early Case 13-1600 Fits Years: BW. Engine Oil Cooler O - Ring. 9 1/4" x 11" x 1 1/2" COOLER ONLY Empi's ultra rugged & efficient 72 stacked plate competition coolers just got better. VW BOLT-ON OIL COOLER FAN KIT. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2005 Volkswagen Jetta Engine Oil Cooler from AutoZone. 021-117-151A is the VW part #. t. Data Agreement Unless otherwise indicated, all prices exclude applicable taxes and installation costs. Volkswagen Jetta. These are GERMAN Original Equipment coolers that have been fully reconditioned. Note that I've removed the stock coolant/oil cooler as I don't want to worry about a failure mixing coolant and oil and destroying the engine. Should you run Synthetic Oil in your VW? Synthetic Oil: Whether it’s evil stuff or good stuff depends on who you talk to. I have a Setrab oil cooler and have nowhere to mount it in the engine area (69 Ghia). Shadetree mechanic articles to keep your beetle fweeming. 6 spin on cartridge. Driftmotion Transmission Oil Cooler Kit. Even a 1/2 VW conversion using the stock oil cooler may create a low volume or relative "dead" air pocket in front of the oil cooler making cooling uneven. Save on Imperial Transmission Oil Cooler Reinstallation Kit 248002 at Advance Auto Parts. It's a $50-70 but gives some good perks like road- hazard protection for your tires and real VW techs looking under the car. Properly installing an automatic transmission cooler. Myth # 1 is the claim that you don’t have to change Synthetic oil as often as regular motor oil. I am considering installing an OEM oil cooler into my 1988 VW (Rabbit) Cabriolet Convertible. 00+. Furthermore, it will not disrupt the redirection of the oil to the cooler (as all other fixes do) so the oil will properly warm up. I recommend, if possible, getting your oil changed at your VW dealer. It would make a very simple bypass kit and no extra lines or brackets. 800. 570" tall. As done on a 2005 Rialta HD using the Tru-Cool 4921-1 and Sonnax adapters . Pondering it, I could go  We are proud to sell SCAT VW Oil Cooler Kits & Accessories! high-pressure oil hose, fitting, clamps and illustrated installation instructions; Choice of coolers  Buy Empi 8894 Dog House Oil Cooler Adapter, Vw Volkswagen Type 1 Bug, Beetle, Kit includes precision die cast block adapter and mounting hardware. The last thing you need in the middle of a race or a road trip is to have a transmission or engine go south because your oil cooler can't keep up. VW, in their infinite wisdom, put a steel insert in the case mounting hole behind the oil cooler, allowing you to use a bolt inserted from the transmission side, then   Engine, Oil Cooler, How-to and Do-it-yourself VW Videos for Bug, Beetle, Karman How to Install an Oil Cooler on an AirCooled VW or Dune Buggy Engine. The adapter connects oil lines to the cooler itself and another adapter sends "cooled" oil back into the oil pan. 12V Fans Available. Audi V6 Oil Cooler - OEM Oil Cooler Gasket; BHW OEM Oil Spindle; Good idea on hi-po Mk4. Fig. The Four Most Common VW Passat Oil Leaks After it contacts this area, it flows down into the bottom of the case, is picked up by the oil pump, routed through the oil cooler, to the bearings, lifters and back up to the head via the pushrods. Is the oil pump capable of pumping the oil up and back. com is your source for TDI parts, Jeep CRD parts, Mercedes diesel parts, BMW diesel parts and diesels from other manufacturers. Genuine Volkswagen Part - 087409061C (087409061, 087409505L, 087409505LX, 089409061, 087409061A, 087409505LV). Refer to our application  15605-InstructionSheet. 6288 www. Will Oil Filter Need to Be Relocated when Installing a Remote Engine Cooler on a 2110 VW Engine Question: does the oil filter have to be moved? 2110 vw, mild cam, weber 48s Cool and filter your engine oil with these high-quality parts! Empi transmission cooler kits, oil filters, hoses, fittings, clamps and more at Moore Parts! This page endeavors to simplify the difficult task of diagnosing VW Passat oil leaks, especially on these engines. B&M's SuperCooler oil coolers will keep your transmission or engine cool and running in your time of need. Note: I’ve tried to include all of the important information, but may update the file occasionally (as noted in page header) to clarify things as they come up for discussion. There are two different oil cooler designs. You are just $149. This could potentially cause engine seizure. Order Engine Oil Cooler Gasket Set for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Included with: Cover, Oil cooler. Also in this fan housing, bolted to the top of the crankcase, is an oil cooler that stands up in the stream of air like a radiator and cools the oil, which is pumped through it. Remove the belly pan and then warm the engine some. Jul 8, 2015 If you have a twinport engine, your standard 'Dog house' oil cooler will like the DAUS had of been installed; alternatively they could of been  Installed in-between the engine and the cooler, this device shunts the oil flow Some folks use a radiator fan switch off a VW Rabbit for this purpose, but that  Appletree Automotive offers a complete line of VW OIL SYSTEMS OIL FILTERS and ADAPTERS. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. KGU. Pour 5 qt. Advance Auto Parts has 4 different Engine Oil Cooler - O. Leaking or DSG Cool Flow Aluminum Filter Housing - 02E305045AL - 3465 - Drivetrain/DSG Parts - USP Motorsports - USP Motorsports is a leader in auto parts for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi & Porsche. 00 each #16759 '65-'89 911 w/ Carrera style fender mounted cooler Oil Cooler Ducting: Oil Cooler Ducting $ 170. We carry a huge selection of parts to restore your classic Volkswagen Oil System. Part included with cover. The same parts are used on the mk3 and mk4 TDI (and many other VW and Audi) and the procedure is almost identical. Remote Oil Cooler Adapter, For All Aircooled VW Engines. 68 - 71; GH. vw oil cooler installation

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